Children's books

'Way back before the beginning, there was nothing there.
No animals, no people, there wasn't even air.
Just the Spirit of God hovering over the waters of the deep,
But then out of chaotic darkness, God began to speak...'

See what happens next when our amazing God creates!

Adam and Eve have been sent from God's lovely garden. What will happen to them now? What is God's plan for them and their children? Explore the actions and promises unfold in Genesis 4 to 12.

'One promise made when the world was fresh and young
And God's amazing story had only just begun."

Count up the Christmas story and see how Jesus' birth fulfils God's promises to save his people.

'God's Bible book of Daniel teaches us earthly kingdoms will come and they will go,
They will demand your loyalty but the thing they need to know,
Is that God is the one Creator, He rules them all and His kingdom has now come.
So let's praise Him on the trumpet, the piano and the drum!'

See how God protects and cares for Daniel and his friends in a hostile world of lions' dens, crazy kings and fiery furnaces!

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