About Us

There are three distinct features that define the character of Trinity Church Bradford:

1. Teaching the Bible

Each Sunday we gather together at the Midland Hotel where we are taught from the Word of God. We will often work through a Bible book from start to finish so that we understand the Bible in the way that God has written it. We believe that it is through the word of God that people will grow to maturity in Christ.

2. Equipping Christians

We recognise the need to equip God’s people to use the gifts that they have been given to serve others. We are also conscious of the need to train the next generation of Gospel workers. For these reasons, we will be running an annual training course called Equipped to Serve alongside our regular meetings.

3. Reaching the lost

The Bible is clear that everybody needs the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and so we are committed to sharing this good news with the people of Bradford. As well as equipping individuals to share the message of Jesus with others, we run central events and host The God Who Makes Himself Known course.

Trinity Church Bradford is affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).