Who's Who

Tom Swinney is married to Caroline. He studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Bradford. During this time he belonged to Bradford University Christian Union. While teaching biology at a secondary school a friend gave him a series of sermons by Phillip Jensen. Inspired by Jensen's clear teaching, Tom began the Moore College Correspondence Course. After a brief time of being mentored by Roger Carswell, Tom and Caroline went to study at Oak Hill College. Tom now pastors Trinity Church Bradford with Adrian.

adrian1 Adrian Watts became a Christian during his time at university where he became a member of St Ebbe’s Church. After graduating, he was a mathematics teacher before working as an apprentice as part of the Co-mission Initiative. During his time in London, he studied part of the Cornhill Bible course before going to Oak Hill College. Adrian has co-lead a Bible camp for young people and has been a leader on the 9:38 Ministry Training Scheme. Adrian is the pastor of Trinity Church Bradford alongside Tom.