We know suffering is wrong but how do we know? 

As a race we disagree on many subjects, but there is one area our mind is made up. Suffering is wrong and to the credit of humanity when catastrophe strikes we unite together to bring relief. This is exemplified most recently at the Boston Marathon. After the bomb blast competitors gave blood at Red Cross tents, and bystanders used their own clothes to make temporary tourniquets. We respond to suffering with the same force that it swings at us. Suffering is not good and it is an imposter in our world. 

When the atheist wishes to give a reason not to believe in God, they will quickly turn to suffering. Their reasoning put simply is: there cannot be a loving God while suffering is in the world. Since pain is all around us there must be no God. However, the atheist has got a little ahead of themselves. Before we ask the question why does God allow suffering, we must first explain why suffering is wrong. 

The worldviews we hold to do not explain why we believe suffering is wrong. Many people believe the world began with a big bang. But can the belief that suffering is right or wrong come about through a system that begins with a big explosion? Impersonal particles join together to form what will later down the line become us. It is nothing but a mechanical process of which suffering is simply a part. Surely the only logical response is indifference? One aspect is labelled 'suffering' in the same way we call another 'photosynthesis'. Suffering is just one part of the remnant of the explosion. It cannot be right or wrong. 

We are all in agreement that suffering is a bad thing. But it is very difficult to explain why. How can we be in agreement and yet at the same time not have any way to explain it? Innate in everyone of us is that feeling convincing us that suffering is wrong. Where does it come from? The Bible talks about how we have been created in God's image. Since God says suffering is wrong then we too know suffering is wrong because we reflect our Creator. Also, as Creator he knows the world perfectly and he makes judgments about what should happen in the world. He says suffering is wrong. So it is wrong. 


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