Christians often say Jesus is God... but can we explain why?

Can you give a reason why Jesus must be God? It is not difficult to find a verse that states he is God but what about explaining why; and why does it matter? Jesus must be God because he is God's Son.

What sort of father/son relationship is this? The story of Pinocchio helps us consider the answer to this question. Geppetto is a lonely wood carver. He's also a human. One day, he reaches for a block of wood and whittles a boy out of timber. He calls the puppet Pinocchio and declares it his son. Geppetto celebrates that he is now a father. But really, this is a parody of a father/son relationship since Geppetto is human and Pinocchio is made of wood. For there to be a true father/son relationship the father and son must be of the same essence. For Pinocchio to be a real son, he must first be a real boy. 

Jehovah witnesses believe that Jesus was created. If this is the case God is the Creator while Jesus is a creature. This means God cannot be the Father of Jesus because they are not the same essence. If Jesus is not God he is not a true son. We are left with the same parody of the father/son relationship found in Pinocchio.

Athanasius - one of the early church fathers - argues that when we consider God we should begin with him as Father of the Son. The relationship between God the Father and God the Son is eternal. For all time God has been Father, Son and Spirit, uncreated and of the same essence. So not only is Jesus a true son, he is truly God and can say with authority that "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father." (John 14:9b). 

Jesus is God because He is God's uncreated Son. Because He has existed with Him for eternity and is of the same essence He is fully able to reveal God to us. And that matters.


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