When a child is scared they call out to their mother, but who is there for us to call out to?

"I want my mummy" is something we might expect to hear from a little child, woken from a nightmare and no comfort can be found from their dark bedroom. Only a mother's embrace and reassuring voice will convince them it was only a bad dream. 

Recently I heard of an elderly lady who spoke of how she really missed her mother. Years had passed since she had last spoken of her deceased mother. Yet as the frailty of her body brought to mind the inevitability of the end of her own life, she called out to the one who had once been able to provide her with the comfort she needed. 

Our own death might seem a long way off, but it is not hard to empathise with this lady's anxiety. Christians are not immune to the fear of death but, for us, comfort is not to be sought from a mother who succumbed to the same end. Instead we look to a Father, who can provide authentic reassurance. Our Father has made provision for our death through his Son, so that we have been forgiven. God the Father is able to provide comfort because he is eternal and always available to hear our prayers. When we await death, the Father provides assurance that we will dwell with him in eternity.

In this lifetime, death is the last thing we face, but there is a place where comfort is to be found. Those that put their trust in the Son can call to their Father. 


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